The Amish Healer: Special Edition: 4 Book Box Set

The Amish Healer: Special Edition: 4 Book Box Set
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

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About the Book

Amish Healer – A baby that won’t stop crying, a woman who has lost her way and a gift from God that has been forgotten.

Can Bertha Zook conquer her fears and show how faith can overcome so much, even a long held belief of inadequacy.

Losing Faith – When faith is lost, what is there? Daniel is a young man in love, yet his life is in turmoil. Can Amish Healer Bertha Zook heal his insomnia and find out why he has lost his faith? Will he reunite with Ruth, the love of his life, or will he leave the Amish? Bertha has troubles of her own. Can she heal the rift that is developing with her daughter, or will the past, she thought she had beaten, come back to haunt her?

The Gift – Bertha Zook loves to heal. It is her calling, her Gift from God, but there is one person in the district who would see her stopped.
Alima Stoltzfus is well known as the community’s hardest resident. Her family does as she says and all fear her harsh words. Will she have Bertha shunned or is there hope in the air when faith is held true?

The Deacon’s Son – Can an act of kindness make dreams come true? Amanda Troyer has always dreamed of being a teacher. But how can she teach when she can never stop coughing? Jonas Glick must court a woman he does not love because he needs her eyes.

When the Amish healer brings these two together, she hopes that she can heal both their bodies and their hearts. While helping Jonas, Amanda meets an exciting Englisch man. For the first time in her life, she feels loved and cherished. Maybe it is time to leave the Amish and start a new life? But is he all he seems? Can Jonas get to her in time and will he discover his own feelings?

Bertha has healed so many, but can she heal the ache in her own heart?

Find out in this collection of inspirational Amish Romances from Sarah Miller, the author of multiple No 1 Bestselling Amish Romance books.

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