Suki’s Heart

Suki’s Heart

She’s skittish is all,” John Shepherd said, concerned. “Just walk her along, Suki. No racing, all right?

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Suki Shepherd lives in Oregon, a proud second-generation settler, who was born on the Trail itself. She lives on her father’s farm with her stepmother, a woman who was there for her from the beginning since Suki’s mother died on the crossing.

Suki has a good life, even though she’s a bit skittish and standoffish – much like her new filly, Dancer. A product of her father’s fears, Suki avoids most of the eligible men in town, mostly in favor of helping out on the farm, running errands or following in the wake of her best friend, Honey Goodman. Will she ever find love?

One fateful day she meets Sonny Reynolds. When Dancer spooked and threw Suki, Sonny’s way of calming the nervous filly kindles a spark of understanding in Suki and starts the pair on a rocky relationship.

Sonny is dealing with his own insecurities, having been abandoned by his mother so long ago He feels drawn to Suki even though she’s fighting her own demons.

Will their fears wedge firmly between them? Will they let the old demons tear their young romance down before it starts? Or can they look to the future long enough to grab onto the present and take a risk? Find out in Suki’s Heart a sweet historical western romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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