Spring Brides and the Bandits Collection Box Set

Spring Brides and the Bandits Collection Box Set

This great value 3 book box set, Spring Brides and the Bandits weaves together three heartwarming and suspenseful tales set in the backdrop of Canon City, Colorado, where love blossoms amid danger and uncertainty.

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About the Book

Saving the Spring Bride: Rachel Baynton, a widow, unexpectedly finds herself falling for her brother-in-law, Paxton Mallory. As they navigate their newfound feelings, a bandit’s sinister gaze turns towards Rachel, threatening their chance at love. Can Paxton protect Rachel and seize their chance at happiness?

Saving the Abandoned Baby: The arrival of Serena Formica and her friend Joanna in Canon City takes a surprising turn when they discover an abandoned baby. As Serena steps in to care for the child, she crosses paths with Bran Jenkins, the town’s doctor. Their growing attraction is palpable, but the mystery of the baby’s parents looms over them. Will Serena and Bran find love amidst the chaos, and what fate awaits baby Oscar?

Saving the Pregnant Widow: Joanna Matson’s life takes an unexpected turn with her pregnancy and the entrance of Jon Lamb, a US Marshal, on the hunt for bandits plaguing the town. Their budding romance is cut short when Joanna is kidnapped by a vengeful bandit. Jon must race against time to rescue her. Will Joanna and Jon find a way to confess their love, or will the bandit’s plan shatter their hopes?

Each story in Spring Brides and the Bandits Trilogy is a testament to the enduring power of love in the face of adversity. As bandits lurk and danger mounts, will these couples find their happy endings in the untamed heart of the Wild West?

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