Shelley – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

Shelley – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

Of all the things left in the back of his stagecoach, a baby is the strangest Adam has ever found.
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About the Book

Adam Foster is shocked to discover an abandoned baby in the back of his stagecoach. He has enjoyed the travel that comes along with his new business but never expected to face a problem such as this.

Shelley Bracey is the new midwife in Carrick Plains. She’s more than happy to help Adam take care of this beautiful little boy. After an exhaustive search for the baby’s parents, it becomes clear the mother met a cruel fate.

Adam and Shelley must do whatever it takes to protect the baby from a danger that comes calling. Can they save the baby?

Will these two fierce protectors find love in the middle of chaos? Find out in Shelley – Christmas Brides of Jefferson City.

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