Saving the Lord’s Pregnant Wife

Saving the Lord’s Pregnant Wife
Series: The Montcrieff's of Castleton, Book 3
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

A Chance meeting, a forbidden love, a pregnancy that could break them both.

About the Book

Jerome Montcrieff hates to hunt and yet here he is at another boring meeting following along at the back. Lord Brent-Savitt is a bore and his dastardly behavior has everyone squirming in their saddle but the way he treats his wife has Jerome’s blood boiling.
Lucy Brent-Savitt is banished to the back of the field and Jerome finds his eyes drawn to the pretty woman.

Soon they are talking and laughing and Jerome knows that if this continues his heart will break. Yet he cannot stop himself. He must meet her, must see her one more time only Lucy has news that will tear their world apart. So why does it make Jerome so happy? Or at least it did until she refused to see him again.

Once more Jerome is invited to the Longton estate for the last hunt of the season. Will he see his love?

Instead of seeing Lady Brent-Savitt fate puts a great temptation in Jerome’s way. Will he sacrifice all for his love or will he be the better man?

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