Santa-Fe Brides and the Rescued Animals Volume 1 Books 1-3

Santa-Fe Brides and the Rescued Animals Volume 1 Books 1-3

Santa-Fe Brides and the Rescued Animals Volume 1 Books 1-3

A new life in Santa-Fe means new friends and new beginnings. Can an old Indian and animals in need of rescue heal hearts and secure futures? Find out in this Special 3 Book Set of sweet and inspirational historical romances.

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About the Book

Book 1 A Kitten to Help her Trust Again.

Emma’s heart was broken by a man she trusted, one she always believed she would marry. That was until she walked past the church to see him in the arms of his new bride.
Hearing about a group of women looking for husbands and leaving for Santa-Fe she goes with them. A new place, a new start is what she needs. Only it’s hard to trust again and she is pushing men away. Can she ever get over her heartbreak?
One day she finds a kitten in pain. She goes to John Blackwolf, the Native American man who runs an animal rescue center. While there, she bumps into Robson Metcalfe, the local sheriff who is looking into attacks on the center.
When a fire breaks out will all be lost?

Book 2 The Dog, the Marshal, and the Groom.

Losing her husband was heartbreaking for Paula. When a man starts to pressure her into marriage she heads west for a new life.
To keep herself busy she has been helping at the animal center and loves the dogs. One day while walking her dog she comes across trouble and stumbles across a marshal.
Once he has arrested the man he is chasing she recognizes that it is Tony, her friend’s brother and the man she had a crush on before her marriage.
When the man who was pursuing her arrives in town things get complicated. Can a dog without a home help her find love and a new home for herself?

Book 3 The Lawyers Bride

Simone lost both her parents and became homeless. She has always been told what she can do and she is looking for freedom as well as a husband. She has her eye on a rancher but she doesn’t know how to ride and asks John for a horse to practice.
Mark is the local lawyer and he is intrigued with Simone. He offers to give her riding lessons and the two become very close.
Soon he understands what is driving her. She craves the freedom to make her own decisions. Even though he believes she is making the wrong one, the rancher is not a nice man, he knows he must step back and let her make it her own decision.
Will Simone make the right decision or will she be blinded by charm and fall for the wrong man?

Find out in this 3 book box set of sweet and inspirational historical western romances by bestselling authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer.

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