Santa-Fe Brides and the Rescued Animals Vol 3 Books 7-10

Santa-Fe Brides and the Rescued Animals Vol 3 Books 7-10

Santa-Fe Brides and the Rescued Animals Volume 3 Books 7-10

A new life in Santa Fe, four amazing romances and 4 wonderful animals needing homes and hearts to love. Find out if four women can find the husbands they need and will they fall for the animals who share the men’s lives?

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Men can be rough, tough, and unruly in the old west but these four men have already opened their hearts to one kind of love, can they find true companionship and true love with the bride of their dreams? Find out in this sweet, historical box set of four amazing romances.

The Fire Cat and the Doctor’s Bride.

A handsome doctor and an exotic pet that she loves from the minute she meets him, what more could Dianna want from a husband. The only problem is another woman and the doctor is very shy. Will love prevail and bring them together?

A Chicken for the Second Chance Bride.

Elizabeth lost her husband just before she found out she was pregnant. Living with an overbearing mother-in-law eventually became too much and she fled to the west. Can an injured chicken bring her new love and a chance for a happy future?

A Wolf for the Pastor’s Bride.

Olivia is looking for her family. As an orphan she has always wondered where she came from and has traced her mother to Santa Fe. Pastor John Coyne has been helping her and she finds herself getting close to the handsome man with his rescued wolf for a pet. Will she discover the family she hopes or will her heart be dashed once more?

A Cougar for the Tracker’s Bride.

Kara has been spending a lot of time at the animal center since John Blackwolf’s son an Apache tracker arrived with his rescued cougar Nizari. Only Kara’s father has other plans for her. He wants her to marry a local rancher. A man with a good income but a bad temper. Kara refuses but the rancher won’t take no for an answer and steals her away in the night. Will her tracker find her and can she ever be happy living across two worlds?

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