1868 An English drawing room. “Is there nothing left?”

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Three English ladies lose their father and then find out all the money is gone. What must they do? Is there no hope?

“Perhaps your father’s sister would be able to help,” the solicitor said before disappearing out of the room.
A sister, father had a sister?
A glimmer of hope surfaces. Soon Ruth and her two sisters set out on the long journey to Texas. What will they find? Will their Aunt take care of them, will she be able to find husbands for the younger girls. All this goes through Ruth’s mind as she makes the perilous journey across half the world.

An English Rose in Texas is Ruth’s story. Will she find love in the strong arms of a handsome rancher? Is the west as dangerous as she thought? Can she help the young girl estranged from her father? Find out if an English Rose can tame the west and find love.

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