Ride West for Love 22 Book Box Set

Ride West for Love 22 Book Box Set

22 Wonderful, romantic, and inspirational Mail Order Bride romances. 

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About the Book

From #1 Best Selling authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer

Includes 22 books 4 are Brand New Books

The Beaten Bride Saved by the Brave – Savannah has never known kindness until she came to Rosen Plains as a Mail Order Bride. One day in the woods Adahy of the Setangya tribe sees Savannah about to be beaten or worse. What can he do? It is too far to prevent this heinous crime but if he shoots the man with his bow and arrow then his tribe will suffer.
Can he save her in time?
Can a rock in a faraway stream solve her problems and bring her true happiness?

Trust Your Heart – Taigi was to marry for love, but somehow her heart had fooled her. Love was just a brief infatuation, and she returned to her home wondering if she could ever trust her heart again.
Little does she know that a handsome rancher watches her take her morning swim.
When Taigi comes upon the man injured, she does not panic. Quickly she binds his wound and takes him to the doctor. Here she meets both the best and the worst of Rosen Plains.
Taigi must face, fire, danger, treachery, and find a courage she never believed she had if she is to finally trust her heart. Find out if love can overcome all in Trust Your Heart

Waiting for Love – Tay has seen all her friends get married but when will her turn come?
On a visit to a friend she is witness to a murder. Now her life’s in danger, she must become the bait to catch the vicious robbers and keep the rest of the town safe. Coming to her rescue is handsome US Marshal Rafael Zapata. Will he keep her safe despite his growing feelings?
Find out in this clean and sweet mail order bride romance – This was the book most requested by our readers – thank you for your feedback and here it is.

A Long Time to Love – Lenox has her past come back to haunt her and to tempt her. Can she find the strength to face the one person she ran from and will her story finally have a happy ending?

Also included:

The Scarred and Rejected Bride
The Crippled Bride & the Orphaned Baby
The Plump Scarred Bride & the Shy Brother
The Crippled and Beaten Bride Saved by His Love
The One-Legged Bride & the Injured Sheriff
The Rejected Bride & the Reluctant Doctor
The Shy Bride & the Abandoned Baby
The Drifter the Baby and the Damaged Bride
Trust, Doubt, and a New Beginning
A Scruffy Cowboy to Heal Her Heart
Keeping Her Safe
A Brand-New Life
More Than Anything
Love Conquers All
Kidnapped for Love
Pray for Love
How About Forever
A Time for Acceptance

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