Return to Love’s Promise

Return to Love’s Promise

In Faith's Creek, where hearts mend, and new beginnings bloom, Sylvia Bowler’s world is on the brink of change.

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About the Book

Convalescing in her childhood home, Sylvia navigates the complexities of motherhood, past regrets, and a future she never envisioned. She made mistakes and wishes she could take them back. She can’t; all she can do is ask for forgiveness and hope for a second chance.

Amidst this, an unexpected reunion with Michael Olden, her first love and the father to her son, Jasper, rekindles old flames and unearths forgotten dreams.

Michael is a devoted physician. He has transformed from a rebellious youth to a pillar of the Amish community.

As Sylvia’s health and spirit mend, she faces a heart-wrenching choice: return to her old life in Philadelphia or embrace a second chance at love in the Amish district that once forced her to leave.

With Jasper’s innocent joy leading the way, Sylvia and Michael tread a path filled with healing, hope, and the possibility of a family reunited. Can they overcome the shadows of the past to forge a future together?

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Series: Amish Quilting Circle, Book 22
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance
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Return to Love’s Promise
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