Regency Romance: The Bluestocking, The Earl, and the Author

Regency Romance: The Bluestocking, The Earl, and the Author
Series: Regency Romantic Dreams, Book 2
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

In this clean and wholesome Regency romance Georgian Beckleham is not like most young ladies, most people would call her a Bluestocking, so why is the Earl of Tarlbridge constantly drawn to her?

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About the Book

Tristan Ravenswood is young for an Earl. Tall and broad, with reddish-brown hair, and pale blue eyes as open as a summer’s sky, he is every woman’s dream. Yet instead of courting ladies of the ton he spends his days teasing Lady Georgian.

Georgian has known Tristan since they were children, she just wonders why he has never grown up. Though he often makes her want to laugh, she refuses to give him the satisfaction. What fool spends his days leaping out from behind hedges and scaring horses?

Jeremy Tudor is the author of a satirical book on manners. Georgian finds his work most delightful.

Tristan has never admitted his feelings for Georgian but now that a rival is on the scene he must make a decision and see if he can follow it through.

Would he seek to change this wonderful woman?

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