Regency Romance: Rejected by the Duke

Regency Romance: Rejected by the Duke
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Having thwarted one marriage, Lydia is horrified to be offered to another Duke like some cast off horse

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About the Book

Lydia Savile is just getting used to her freedom, having stopped an attempt by her father to marry her to an Earl. Soon, she is introduced to Alexander Benson, the Duke of Blackwood. It appears that she will be once more sacrificed in her father’s hunt for a title.

The man in question is handsome and yet he is surly and uncommunicative, that is until they are alone. Then he comes up with a great plan. They will work together to thwart both their parents and make sure this marriage never happens.

Only as their plan continues Lydia finds herself falling for the dashing Duke.

Lydia is devastated when Alexander finally rejects her and ends the charade that they will be one day be married. Knowing it will only be a matter of time before her father finds another title to take her hand she decides she must make a life on her own.
Finding employment as a governess she leaves her home.

Only fate is cruel and soon the Duke is courting the eldest daughter of her hew employer.

Lydia’s heart breaks once more.

How will she survive such a cruel turn of events?

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