Regency Romance: Christmas with the Frosty Lord

Regency Romance: Christmas with the Frosty Lord
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Rosalind Leighton must organize the Yule Tide festivities. Can she melt the Frosty Lord Blackwood in time to enjoy her Christmas?

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About the Book

Gabriel Blackwood enjoyed certain things but Christmas wasn’t one of them. To Rosalind he is arrogant and she will not take it even from a Dukes son. The man cannot complete one sentence without his familiar jeer and sly, smug, grin?

Rosalind however, was not going to put up with such spoiled behavior, Lord or not she would put him in his place and stop him from spoiling the fun of the season.

As Gabriel comes to understand his arrogance, he realized something else. Rosalind is, stubborn, headstrong, tough, and beautiful. Suddenly he knew she was just about as perfect a woman as he could wish for. If only she didn’t hate him.

Can Gabriel change his attitude enough to break down Rosalind’s barriers? Or will she always be like a dog, guarding a bone?

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