Regency Romance: A Race Against the Duke

Regency Romance: A Race Against the Duke
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Lady Serena Chamberlain loves horses and racing almost as much as she hates Elliott Beckett.

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The two families’ have been in a feud all her life though she has never thought to question why. It just is. More than anything she wants to win The Wakefield Chase. Only her best horse is nervous on the track. At each race meeting Elliot beats her and his attitude is insufferable.

When the old Duke dies and Elliot becomes the new Duke of Shawcross his father tries to explain and end the long running feud. Only he left it too late and died before he could finish. On the reading of the will Elliot is told that he must marry Serena or lose his wealth.

Suddenly he starts to see his spirited rival in a different light. As he uncovers the mysteries of the past the frivolities of the present are no longer so important. Can he overcome Serena’s mistrust?

When Elliot finds out another secret the old rivalry takes on a different meaning and more than just his own future is in jeopardy. Will he do the right thing or will an age old misunderstanding bring down two great families’?

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