Refusing the Duke

Refusing the Duke
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance
ASIN: B01HC9386Y

Felton Ludlow, the Duke of Banshire, has made a promise. When a good friend clasped his hand and with his dying breath asked a favor. “Promise me that you shall marry my dear sister Louisa. Let me go to my Maker with just that much peace in my heart.”

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About the Book

“Yes, of course,” Felton said the words knowing he would agree to anything to ease his friend’s passing, but still, he could hardly speak for weeping. “I shall. I will marry Louisa. Anything for you, my dearest friend.”

Now Felton is back in London and will keep the promise he knows will ruin his life. He will marry his friends very plain sister, Louisa Downing. However, there is a problem he must overcome, the last time he saw Louisa he teased and insulted the girl and he wonders if she will remember.

Soon Felton discovers that fate has played him a cruel hand, Louisa is no longer the plain and ugly sister, in fact, she is the most beautiful woman of the season. When he asks for her hand, Louisa answers with a slap to his face.

Can Felton win over Louisa or will he have to watch her marry another? Who is his handsome rival and is he all that he makes out?
Now that another man is involved Felton must discover is this just about a promise to a friend or has he lost his heart to love?

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