Quilts of the Heart

Quilts of the Heart
Authors: ,
Series: Amish Quilting Circle, Book 21
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

In the tranquil Amish community of Faith’s Creek, unexpected bonds are formed, and hearts entwined in a tale of family, duty, and love.

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About the Book

Esther’s tranquil life as a schoolteacher is upended when a broken chair and a young boy from Philadelphia enter her world. Esther, who has never pondered love or marriage, finds her heart awakening to possibilities she had never imagined.

Meanwhile, Robert, a dedicated sawmill worker, grapples with the unexpected guardianship of his nephew, Jasper. The boy’s arrival challenges and enriches his life in ways he never expected.

As Esther steps in to help Jasper adjust to Amish life, she and Robert discover a connection that neither can deny. But with Jasper’s struggle to find his place and Robert’s fear for his sister’s health miles away, their budding relationship faces trials. When Jasper’s yearning for his mother leads him to a drastic decision, Esther and Robert’s resolve is put to the test.
Will Esther and Robert’s growing affection weather the storms of responsibility and doubt, or will the challenges they face pull them apart?

Quilts of the Heart is a heartwarming Amish romance that delicately weaves the threads of family duty, personal discovery, and gentle love. Set against the backdrop of Faith’s Creek’s serene landscapes, this romance captures the essence of Amish life and the powerful bonds that can grow from unexpected places.

Read now to join Esther, Robert, and Jasper in a journey that speaks to the heart’s ability to find love and connection in the most unforeseen circumstances.

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