Protected by Love

Protected by Love

Alex Marshall is new to Truth or Consequences and in love with his boss's daughter. Unfortunately, Claudia is engaged to another man, so why does she look so unhappy?
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About the Book

Claudia Mullins was pushed into an engagement with Mark Watson but she’s having doubts. He is overbearing and wants her to change, what would her life be like with such a hard man? Claudia wishes to end her engagement.

The new carpenter, Alex has been a wonderful comfort, and despite not wanting to, she knows she is falling for him.

A broken engagement is the least of her problems when Alex is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Against her father’s wishes, Claudia must find the real culprit if she is to have a chance at happiness.

Find out if love and faith can persevere against all the odds in the latest book in Bestselling Authors Indiana Wake & Belle Fiffer’s Truth or Consequences series.

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