Polly – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

Polly – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

A stubborn man and one headstrong woman set out to find a criminal. Will they find love in time for Christmas or will trouble track them down?
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About the Book

Morgan Foster is tasked with hunting the man who shot his brother’s intended. As a US Marshal, he’s quite capable of finding the brute himself but the lovely young Polly is determined to come along against his wishes.

Polly Brown’s father was a successful hunter and tracker. He taught her how to survive and track from a young age. Polly knows she can help him find Dominic Growcott. There’s no way she’s letting Morgan hunt down the dangerous man alone.

Wolves, mountain lions, and a vicious man wait in the deadlands for them. When danger lurks around every turn they must learn to work together. Can they overcome the reason they are determined to stay apart or will a stubborn streak see them injured or worse?

Can Morgan get the man and the girl? Will he discover how great life can be when you let love and faith guide you? Find out in Polly A Christmas Bride of Jefferson City.

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