Open Your Heart to Love

Open Your Heart to Love

Marriage will be your only skill — you should accept it — only Caroline Lawton would not accept it, even if it meant traveling across the world she would find her place.

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About the Book

Caroline loved to read and wanted to learn, something her father and brother did not approve of. When her father burns her books, she knows that she must leave.

When she arrives in Jamestown, she finds her education and confidence is not what the men of Virginia want in a wife. Has she left one situation to find herself in exactly the same?

Finally, she is proposed to by farmer, Brent Stamford. He is amused by her, but still expects her to keep house and help on the farm.

Caroline accepts but argues every point from that moment onwards. She finds him annoying, especially since her determination seems to amuse him. But at least he’s not brutal and he doesn’t destroy the few books she has brought with her.

Brent is captivated by his bride from the first, enjoying every moment of teaching her the farming skills – and laughing at every domestic mishap.

Caroline comes to enjoy the confrontation and wonders if she has found what she is looking for. If only she could find love.

Find out if Caroline finds the love she craves in Open Your Heart to Love a sweet mail order bride romance with a guaranteed happy ever after.

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