No Choice for a Scarred Bride – Cora & Two Grooms for Grace

No Choice for a Scarred Bride – Cora & Two Grooms for Grace

Get 2 books for 1 in this special edition - Across the Prairie Plains they came for a new life and the hope of love.

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Book 1 – No Choice for a Scarred Bride – Cora
Cora never thought that she would marry. Chicken-pox left her badly scarred and no man would give her a second look. It didn’t matter, she had become used to the idea of looking after her sisters.
Now everything has changed. On the death of their mother their father decided he must marry all of his girls in case something should happen to him.
Cora is to travel across the prairie ocean all the way to California with her father and 4 sisters and she is to be married to a man she has never met.
When the wagon turns over and the horses are lost Cora wonders if she will ever see safety. Out of the prairie rides a handsome man with their horses.
Truman is a true hero and he falls for Cora instantly. When he finds out who she is to marry he knows that he must stop it.
Can Cora find true love with a man who is worthy of her or will she follow her father’s path and marry the man she is promised too?
Find out in No Choice for a Scarred Bride.

Book 2 – Two Grooms for Grace.

Grace starts a school in the church and loves to spend her time looking after all the children. Only the man she is destined to marry can only talk about horses. Sealy is a nice man, a good man, but he is not the man that Grace has fallen for. In her heart she knows that she loves Pastor Justin Keach.
What can she do? Her Pa insists that she must marry the man who has paid for her and Sealy is so nice, how can she let him down?
Find out if Grace can follow her heart in Two Grooms for Grace a sweet and inspirational Western Historical Romance.
These books are part of an exciting new series but each book is a complete story and each can be read alone.

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