Nicola – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

Nicola – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

Betrayed and broken-hearted… is it possible to trust in love once more?
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About the Book

Matthew Foster’s life was turned upside down when his wife left with another man. What with a busy Saloon and his young daughter Linda, the last thing on his mind is finding a new wife. Unfortunately, his father is determined to see him married before Christmas.

Nicola is the eldest of seven children. Her only hope of a better life was to come West and become a mail order bride. Little did she know that this was a plot by a father to force his sons into marriage.

What can she do now?

When Matthew needs help with his daughter, she’s eager to take on the task. Nicola soon falls for sweet Linda, and now that she has, she will protect her with her life — she may need to do just that.

She never expected to develop feelings for the stubborn Matthew, after all, he doesn’t want a wife.

There’s a lot about Nicola that Matthew likes. She’s beautiful, wonderful with Linda, and manages their lives with ease. Matthew’s life has fallen into a sweet rhythm. He’s starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when everything is threatened.

Matthew’s ex-wife Iris is back and determined to do whatever it takes to reclaim her daughter. Her jealousy of Nicola drives her to extremes putting the lives of Matthew, Linda, and Nicola in jeopardy.

Can Matthew and Nicola seize their happily ever after or will Iris destroy their chance of happiness? Find out in Nicola a sweet Christmas Mail Order Bride Romance.

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