Never Give In

Never Give In

Can Love overcome all if you have faith and Never Give In? Find out if three couples can find true love despite the odds. FREE on KU

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About the Book

Dinah had a hard upbringing, no ma, and a drunken pa. When he passed, she could not be too sad but what would she do now. How would she survive?

The handsome Wade had been teasing her for years, infuriating her most of the time. When he proposes marriage, she cannot believe her ears… and yet what else can she do? There is not enough money to pay the rent and buy food and no more hours to take in washing.

Dinah is not the most loving of wife. Will Wade give up on the woman he calls a prickly Porcupine?

Janey has loved Felton all her life. Even when she was just a girl she would stare at him across the church. Then he married and she still loved him but as she grew up she realized it could not be. Only Felton’s wife died in childbirth. 4 years later he advertises for a bride to look after his daughter, Effie.

Janey believes this is fate and that her time has come. Only her heart is broken when she discovers Felton is a shattered man and did not chose her… all he wants is a mother for his daughter.

Will Janey be crushed by her unrequited love? Can she find a life in little Effie? Will she give up on her true Love?

Harvey Winter is a good-looking man with his own place yet no woman will look at him. For Harvey has a terrible stutter whenever he is nervous. In desperation, he applies for a mail order bride and will soon meet and marry Alice.

What happens when she finds out her new husband can hardly manage a sentence?

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