Nancy & Claudine: Love Will Find You

Nancy & Claudine: Love Will Find You

Can love find two women who have vowed it will never happen? Just $0.99 for a limited time and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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About the Book

Once more trouble has come to russets reach. On the carrow ranch cattle are going missing and they fear that rustlers have returned. After what happened to Amelia and Whit they are decidedly nervous.

In town Nancy Hopper meets a drifter Cassidy Taylor. There is something about him that has her interested. Is it because he is tall and handsome or more that he dodges all her questions. Nancy is used to knowing everything about everyone and this man has her intrigued. She knows the pain of giving her heart and swears she would never do it again and yet with Cassidy she may have no choice.

Claudine Carrow has been alone for a long time as has Jesse Vanhorne the man who runs the post office. They meet with friends once a month for a card game but suddenly they both want more. What will her family think? Can she let go of the love she held and find a new love?

As cattle keep going missing the finger is pointed at Cassidy. Nancy knows it is not him but still she feels the need to follow him one night. Will she find out his secret and will it destroy her?

Find out if love or danger has returned to Russets Reach in this sweet and clean western romance only $0.99 for a limited time and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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