Margaret – The Big Beautiful Bride

Margaret – The Big Beautiful Bride
Series: From Brave Nurses to Courageous Brides, Book 2
Genre: Mail Order Brides

Rejected as a bride because of her size, can Margaret ever trust in love again?

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About the Book

Margaret Sampson was a nurse during the civil war. She returned home to find her Aunt at death’s door and little money is left in the coffers. Searching for a way forward, a letter arrives with an answer to her prayers. She’ll journey west with her friends as a mail order bride.

When she arrived in Minnesota, she didn’t find the kind and generous husband the marriage agent described. Instead, the groom turned his nose up. He was unwilling to marry a plump woman.

Margaret and her friends escaped a perilous situation with help from Pastor Sherman Johnston and his friend Edwin Grant. A friendship and something more had developed with Edwin but since settling in Appleton, South Dakota he’s become distant.

Edwin Grant has been distancing himself from everyone. Why?

Margaret is crushed when she sees Edwin in the arms of a pretty young woman. It breaks her heart and he then disappears. Will she ever find love?

Can Margaret and her friends discover the real reason Edwin abandoned Margaret? Can he trust her with his secret and the unknown future that lays ahead?

Find out in Bestselling Mail Order Bride Author Indiana Wake’s new Brave Nurses to Courageous Brides novel.

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