Love’s Hardest Choice

Love’s Hardest Choice

Journey to Jamestown with Bestselling Author Indiana Wake's latest book, Love's Hardest Choice.

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About the Book

Diana Walton is a strong independent woman who has been dealt a tough hand. After years of making her father’s business her life, he leaves it to her brother when he passes. Diana’s brother treats her poorly which leads Diana to take a dim view on men in general and search for a way out of her situation.

Diana leaves England for Jamestown, Virginia with a fool proof plan that will leave her in charge of her destiny. Diana decides to marry Arnold Price an older man with lands and a good business. She believes he is unwell and knows when he passes, she will inherit. What Diana never counted on was feeling something for him. While it’s not love she has a fondness for Arnold and has formed a friendship. When he passes Diana feels lost and discontent with the motives behind her recent decisions.

Diana begins attending church in Jamestown. The Reverend is concerned for his latest member. He sees a deep sadness in her and is determined to discover what is haunting her.
Can the Reverend help Diana find peace with herself and her choices?

Will she be able to accept the love offered or will she let guilt crush her beneath its heavy weight?

Find out in Love’s Hardest Choice a sweet mail order bride romance suitable for all ages.

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