Love for the Warrior’s Heart

Love for the Warrior’s Heart

Rumors and lies force a woman to flee her home, her only hope is to become a mail order bride but has she jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

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Anne Wallace is an accomplished apothecary working in London until her father dies. Jealous competitors soon spread a rumor that she is a witch. No longer able to support herself and fearing for her life she discovers an advert asking women to travel to Jamestown, Virginia as brides. Believing this is her only hope she makes the long journey.

Anne is well respected in her new home and turns down many offers of marriage. All she wants to do is heal and she has met a local man of the Powhatan tribe who is helping her. Huritt which means handsome is respectful, helpful, and intriguing and Anne soon wonders if any man could be like him.

Only the powerful Oscar Wentworth wishes to have her for his own. Threats and rumors have chased her across the ocean and threaten to destroy her life again.

She has given up so much and yet once more she must run but where will she go? Can she find love in the new world or will she be forced into marriage to a dangerous man?

Find out in Love for the Warrior’s Heart a sweet mail order bride romance with a guaranteed happy ever after.

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