Love for the Hidden Lady

Love for the Hidden Lady
Series: Sweet Regency Romance, Book 2
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Wealth and title is not enough for Diana, she would have love too. Has she found it or is there more to the handsome Lord Hamilton Newmont that meets the eye?

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About the Book

Diana, inspired by her sister’s fairy-tale wedding, is looking for love. Though she is bright and educated she hides her wit – always following her mother’s advice on the rules for finding a good husband.
Introduced to Lord Hamilton Newmont, son of the ailing Earl of Blakethorpe she is swept off her feet. Not only is he handsome and titled, not to mention the heir to a great estate, he is also charming and popular.

Could she have found everything she ever wanted? Love as well as title and wealth?

All is going well except for Claus Sheridan, Hamilton’s cousin. The man is rude and blunt. Why does he always want to discuss matters of politics and art? Things that a young lady should not understand.

Seeing Diana hide her personality makes the rather logical Claus angry. Why would she pretend to be less that she is?

On the death of the Earl, Claus discovers a terrible secret and he must decide what to do. Is it too late for Diana, will she marry a man who hides his true self?

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