Love for a Confused Bride

Love for a Confused Bride
Series: Diamond Springs Orphanage, Book 4
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

A young woman is determined to make her own way but one dastardly man does all he can to stop her. Through love and faith, she must find a way to happiness?
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About the Book

Mary has been a maid since she was a young girl, now her mistress no longer needs her, she feels lost. When the town diner is put up for sale Mary dreams of a new future, could she become the new owner?

In an act of desperation, Mary takes a loan from the town scoundrel Eric Malone.

Saloon owner Eric Malone knows how to take advantage of a situation. When Mary’s diner begins making money, he finds a way to take it all. Afraid and ashamed, Mary doesn’t know what to do.

Martin Wardle is a businessman traveling between Denver and Diamond Springs. He is a faithful customer of Mary’s Diner and has enjoyed getting to know her on his visits. When Martin spots Eric hassling Mary, he steps in to help. Only Eric isn’t ready to let go, he sets out to destroy Mary.

Can Mary escape Eric’s clutches before it’s too late? Find out if there is a Happy Ever After to be found for Mary and Martin in Love for a Confused Bride.

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