Love for a Brave Bride

Love for a Brave Bride
Series: Diamond Springs Orphanage, Book 1
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

Jessica will need all her courage to keep her sisters safe as they travel west to an unknown future.
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About the Book

Jessica Clark and her two younger sisters grew up in a wealthy Chicago family. Upon the sudden death of their parents, they learn they’re actually destitute. With Jessica’s many suitors fleeing in wake of the news, they must move to Colorado to live with an Aunt they’ve never met.

Jessica and her sisters are ill-prepared for life in the west and it shows as they arrive in Diamond Springs with their maids in tow. Jessica isn’t happy being forced to share a room with her maid or working at her Aunt’s Orphanage, and why does the handsome handyman continually make fun of her?

Businessman Garrett Thornton was raised in the Diamond Springs Orphanage by Mrs. Verity Archer. He loves spending time with the children and keeping the place going. When he sees himself in a young boy at the orphanage he decides to adopt the child and his sister.

Garrett has enjoyed poking fun at Mrs. Verity’s fancy young niece Jessica but he sees how hard she tries to help. She may be a terrible baker but he appreciates her attempts to comfort his new wards.

As Jessica and Garrett grow closer disaster strikes. The biological father of the children returns with devious plans. Can Garrett and Jessica protect the children or will they lose everything they hold dear?

Will, there be love for the brave bride, or will it be heartache and despair?

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