Love and Light through Faith

Love and Light through Faith
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

A devastating buggy wreck takes the life of Jacob Hostetler's lovely wife, leaving him with a broken heart, a daughter to raise and a shaken faith.
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About the Book

Twenty-five-year-old Iris Fischer longs to find love but knows she isn’t the most beautiful woman in Faith’s Creek. She focuses her days on faith and friendship. She enjoys taking care of her best friend Grace’s sweet daughter, Bridget.

When Iris volunteered to take care of Bridget while Grace and her husband Jacob shared an afternoon picnic she didn’t know it would be the last time she saw her best friend. An awful accident took the life of her friend and left everyone’s lives shattered.

Iris has never suffered such a loss. She knows she must honor Grace by helping to take care of Bridget. She tries to help Jacob but he is consumed with anger and is having trouble connecting with anyone.

Can Iris help Jacob reconnect with Bridget and see the beautiful life he still has before him?
Will Jacob find his way back to Gott and perhaps find love again?

Is there a happily ever after in Jacob, Iris and Bridget’s future?

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