Love Against Her Judgement

Love Against Her Judgement
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Francis wants the best for her niece, but can she hold onto a romantic heart and teach the girl to have a logical head?

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About the Book

Frances shares a complicated relationship with her niece, Melanie. Frances values intelligence overall and puts her love of roses before almost anything.

The last thing she wants is for Melanie’s heart to be broken but can she keep her safe?

Melanie is a romantic spirit. All she wants is to experience love as an open heart like her beloved romance books. It seems that has finally occurred when she meets her neighbors, the brothers Niles and Edgar.

Niles is young, handsome, romantic, and immediately smitten by the girl he sweeps off her feet.

The scandal of their romance and impending marriage threatens to upset Frances, who has some secrets of her own.

Edgar offers to help and together the calamity that is Niles and Melanie’s marriage sends them on a whirlwind path. Will a marriage take place or will love win out and cause a bigger stir than any of them could imagine?
Find out in this sweet Regency romance Love Against her Judgment.

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