Lost in the Storm

Lost in the Storm

To escape her terrible past Rebecca set her hearts on a man she can never have. Now she is Lost in a Storm and hope is fading.

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About the Book

Rebecca is struggling to cope with all the terrible events she has been through. It made her fall for a man who was in love with another. Now distraught at her own behavior and afraid that there is nothing left she wanders into a storm.

Law clerk Carl hears a noise in the storm. Could that be a woman? He rushes out to rescue her and nurses her back to health.
As she recovers Rebecca tells Carl about the murders that happened in her home town. They were the reason why she ran away, why she is here.

Can Carl uncover the truth or will he lose the woman he has fallen in love with? Could he ever forgive her if she had taken a life?

Find out the real secret Rebecca is hiding and if she can find love once she has revealed it in Lost in the Storm a sweet western historical romance by bestselling authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer.

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