Kirk’s Choice

Kirk’s Choice
Series: Kirk DeWolf, Book 5
Genre: Classic Western
Tag: classic western

All is calm in Colton and Kirk is building his future. Will he finally get a breather, or is trouble riding fast behind him?

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About the Book

When three bandits hit town, Kirk must make a decision. Should he obey the letter of the law and send a good man to jail, or should he do what’s right?

Young Adam has lost his way. Having taken a life, he dropped out of school and cut ties with those he loved. Kirk is trying to help but what can he say? When Adam stumbles onto trouble, it looks like the boy will meet his maker.

Kirk arrives just in time, but things aren’t always what they seem. Now Adam wants to help the man who tried to shoot him. An unlikely team is formed, and they ride out to find the missing money. Will they survive the trouble coming?

There is a lot to lose, and one family depends on the outcome. Gunfights, bullet wounds, and a moral conundrum face Kirk, can he save the boy in more ways that one.

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