Katie’s Courage

Katie’s Courage

Still seething with resentment, will Katie ever get over being left at the altar?

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About the Book

Katie and Clay are products of the Oregon Trail. Katie, just three years old when her father died, and Clay just twelve. They grew up together when Marlon Horton married Katie’s mother, Charlotte Clements.

Katie adapted to her stepfather with ease but Clay was sullen and distant—that was until Clay enlisted in the army and walked away from the farm.

Eighteen years later he comes home but things have changed. Katie took over as her stepfather’s right-hand man, knowing the farm with the familiarity of woman born for the pioneer way of life. And, seven years previous Katie was left at the altar.

She’s still seething with that old hate and her world comes to turmoil when Clay waltzes back into their lives.
What does he want? Clay, who pushed his stepmother and Katie away, Clay who was sullen and bitter. Katie is so angry, but as they uncover a plot to drive Marlon’s farm to peril, Katie finds that life is not as simple as she wishes.

“Katie, I was a soldier. You don’t just get to come home when you feel like it.”

Her past fears and anger seem silly by comparison as she tries to save Marlon’s farm and her thoughts of Clay are changing too.

Can Katie put her anger to rest and find happiness? Can she forgive Clay for his transgressions, at least enough to save their relationship and listen to their hearts?

Find out in Katie’s Courage a sweet historical western romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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