Jenny’s Wish

Jenny’s Wish

Kept in a gentle prison, can Jenny’s wish of a new life come true?

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About the Book

Jenny Swain has lived in the same Oregon town all her life. Her mother is terrified of the big, wide world out there and all the dangers it holds. While Jenny is chomping at the bit to head off into the unknown. To make money of her own, and to see the world at large. That wish is just that, a dream until she meets Arlon one early morning. The two hit it off, but when things get serious, and they bring it up to her family her mom’s secret fears leak out.
It turns out she knew the Hursts, knew Arlon’s father and doesn’t want her daughter to have anything to do with a man like that.

Jenny and Arlon are crushed, but when Jenny plants her feet and refuses to bend to her mother’s will, she threatens to tear their little family apart. Can mother and daughter mend the rift between them? Can Polly’s fears of a man who has been dead for untold years be put to rest?

Find out in Jenny’s Wish a sweet historical western romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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