Jacira – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

Jacira – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City

Shunned by her tribe, can Jacira find a Christmas love with Jefferson City’s handsome doctor?

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About the Book

Healer, Jacira was shunned by her tribe after suffering scars in the flames of a fire. They believe she will bring bad luck. She has a passion for healing and is grateful to Doctor Ernest Foster for allowing her to help him. Healing is her passion and she feels a closeness to Ernest that she’s never felt before.

Earnest finds himself falling for the lovely Jacira but he knows it cannot be. Neither her people nor his would accept it.
Not everyone is happy to have an Indian woman helping the Doctor. Once more, Jacira finds herself facing fiery flames, and this time it’s not only her life on the line.

Will Jacira be able to face her fear of fire and save the innocents at risk?

Can Ernest overcome his fears and admit his feelings before it’s too late, or will this Christmas end in tragedy?

Find out in Jacira – The Christmas Brides of Jefferson City.

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