Honey’s Grace

Honey’s Grace

Can a decades old feud be repaired by love and the next generation?

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About the Book

Honey Goodman kept away from Marshall Thornhill, after all a decades old feud started on the Oregon Trail was not easily overcome.

Dislike and uneasiness were passed down to the next generation, causing strife in the childhood of Honey and Marshall. That was, at least, until they grew up and Marshall spotted Honey at the town barn dance. They didn’t speak then, but when

Marshall steps in to assist Honey—the spitfire didn’t quite need the backup—from being attacked by two men at the dance, and gets injured for it, it starts a new friendship.
While the Goodmans accept Marshall into their world with open arms, Honey receives a less than warm welcome by the Thornhills.

“I didn’t want to kiss one of the cowboys,” she said and felt her cheeks blushing just a little. “But I do want to kiss you.”

As the friendship gradually turns into a courtship, will Marshall give up his love or risk being rejected from his family?
Find out in Honey’s Grace a sweet historical western romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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