His Golden Angel

His Golden Angel

Can Rose marry a man who is always in danger? Find out for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or just $0.99 to own.

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About the Book

Rose has fallen for the quiet and enigmatic Buck but so far he has not asked for her hand. For her to marry a man must write to Jonny, the marriage agent and ask for the right to court her. She cannot understand why Buck would not do this. Maybe he doesn’t care?

When they finally start to court Rose struggles with his profession. Buck is a horse wrangler and is always hurt. Can she give her heart to a man who could die at any time?

Buck has a dream. A house and a small piece of land and he can raise his own horses. He almost has enough money only to marry Rose he must pay a big sum to the marriage agent. When he does everything goes wrong and he feel that he has wasted so much. Will he make the biggest and most dangerous mistake of his life or will love win out?

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