Hidden by the Amish

Hidden by the Amish
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance
ASIN: B07K7Z68Z2

When Janice witnessed a murder she knew her life would change. Hidden by the Amish she discovers something that will change it even more.

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About the Book

Janice has lost her way. She spends her nights in bars drinking and picking up men, it is a way to cope. One night she witnessed a murder. Her attackers thought her dead but when she has the courage to testify she must go into hiding until it is over.

Janice finds herself in the quaint community of Faith’s Creek staying in the guest house of Michael Carpenter. At first she rebels and causes more trouble that the elders can take. One night she gets drunk and afraid and causes a stir that could get her thrown out of the community.

When she hears Michael defend her something changes and she begins to see that there is a different way.

Will Janice survive to testify and once she has will she put Faith’s Creek and Michael in her past?

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