Her Loving Heart

Her Loving Heart
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

How can Susan continue on, when it feels as if so much of her life was already done? Can a newcomer teach her that there is still room in her heart for Love?

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About the Book

Susan has been slowly recovering from the death of her husband, Aaron, cruelly taken from her too soon. She lives with his parents, raises her son, Nathan, and gets by day by day. She’s not really unhappy, but there is no denying that she is stuck, unable to move past Aaron to a new future with a new husband.

Then, she meets Jacob King, a new man in town. He gets taken up by Eli, Susan’s former father-in-law, to help him around the farm. At first, Susan rejects Jacob outright, not feeling ready to function in the same space as a stranger.

Can she honor her commitment to Aaron and find room in her heart for another? Will Jacob help her move forward with the rest of her life or will grief and a sense of duty push away her happiness?

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