Healing The Amish Heart

Healing The Amish Heart
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance
ASIN: B07NY29P96

Anna Kimbel is in trouble. Sitting in a police station, the only person who can help is her angry Amish Aunt Mira.

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About the Book

The last thing Anna wants is to go back to Faith’s Creek. No one understands her loss, and no one really wants her there. When her aunt gives her the ultimatum that this is the last time she will help her, Anna is devastated.

Running into the woods she finds a fallen tree and sobs out her heart to be found by Christopher. He is unlike anyone she has ever known and soon she is starting to heal. More than that she is starting to enjoy life and she knows she is falling for him.

Aunt Mira is worried and tells Anna that she must leave Faith’s Creek for she is trouble and will break Christopher’s heart. Anna knows this is right and prepares to leave.

Will Anna go back to her old ways or will she find that Gott has an amazing plan for her? Find out in Healing the Amish Heart a sweet and inspirational Amish romance from bestselling author Sarah Miller.

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