Follow Grace as she learns about life, loss and love on the Oregon Trail

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The Oregon Trail offers hopes of fertile land, new beginnings, and for Grace Miller, the chance to be a real reporter.

Documenting her journey will prove she can write just as well as the men but first she has to find a way to join the wagon train.

Cowboy Jake Burman is traveling light, he has room in his wagon for Grace’s belongings. As they walk mile after mile each day they become friends. Their nights are spent talking, recovering, and occasionally dancing when the fiddle players start around the campfires. Grace wonders if love might bloom between them.

Only the trail is hard and cruel at times and disaster soon strikes. Fate leaves little Bella Devon an orphan and Grace cannot leave her alone. Soon the child means so much to her and she will not let her go to an orphanage. Doubting Jake will take on a child, Grace pushes him away.

Now Grace’s plans have changed, can crossing the prairie fulfill all her dreams, or will she face the same problems out west she left behind in New York?

Prairie Roses Collection tales of love and courage on the Oregon Trail.

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