Finding His Voice

Finding His Voice
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Samuel is to be left alone. It's for the best that way.

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About the Book

Rachel Graber came to Faith’s Creek to help her heavily pregnant cousin and her husband, Rachel and Levi.
She finds herself drawn to their farm helper, Samuel Kauffman. He’s a brooding, silent type, with curiously haunted eyes. Even more curious, Rachel is repeatedly warned to merely leave the man be.
Why? Rachel couldn’t even begin to fathom what the reason would be, not in friendly Faith’s Creek. Rachel takes it upon herself to introduce herself to Samuel. It doesn’t exactly go well. She’s completely rebuffed. Undeterred, Rachel continues to extend the olive branch, and eventually the reason for Samuel’s silence comes clear: when the man speaks, he stutters horribly.

Rachel isn’t put off by it, in fact it only makes her want to befriend him more. Eventually the pair strike up a friendship, and remarkedly, Samuel’s stutter improves as does his confidence.

Only not everyone feels the same. Samuel must face cruelty and when diaster strikes will he have the confidence to help or will he retreat back into his own little world?

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