Dying to Retire

Dying to Retire
Series: Bakers and Bulldog Mysteries
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: cozy mystery

Francine Leeson was Murdered at her own retirement party. Super Sleuth Melody and her clue sniffing French Bulldog, Smudge had already left, but there are plenty of suspects — Francine was not well-liked.
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About the Book

Francine Leeson had owned the local craft shop forever. No one thought she would ever retire, but a new love with the ex-sheriff has her wanting to travel.

Tara, her daughter, arranged a surprise retirement party, but she didn’t get the reaction she hoped for. As always, Francine was rude. Belittling Tara and her business partner as well as Melody and Smudge.

When Francine is murdered, there are plenty of suspects, but Melody has one of her own. It is one that causes a rift between Melody, and her new husband, Alvin, the current Sheriff of Port Warren.

Can Smudge help Melody solve the crime while repairing her marriage? Find out in this fun cozy mystery with the cutest French Bulldog detective.

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