Deceiving the Earl

Deceiving the Earl
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Georgina Mayfield is in love, only the man she loves only has eyes for her cousin, Leticia.

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About the Book

Georgina has never felt comfortable at social events. Wearing her cousin’s castoffs, she is ostracized and often alone. The only one who is kind to her is Leticia and a man she meets in a bookshop. Soon she has fallen for this mystery man, only to discover he is the Earl of Rothbrook. When next they meet, he only has eyes for Leticia.

Georgina is devastated and runs away to hide. There she is found by Percival Ludlow, a wealthy landowner who is in love with Leticia.

Percival persuades her that the Earl is a jealous man and that between them, they can split up this romance, and each have the one they love.

Will Georgina follow their plan when she sees that Leticia is truly in love?
Will Georgina find love, or will she forsake her happiness for the one friend who stood by her? Find out in Deceiving the Earl a sweet Regency romance.

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