Damaged, Beaten & Saved by the Cowboy

Damaged, Beaten & Saved by the Cowboy

1886 A Mail Order Bride is about to marry, but is her friend in trouble?

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Anna headed west; no longer worried about her limp she was to be a Mail Order Bride. Now she is to marry Ian not Ryan the man she was promised to, but will her best friend Jolene attend the wedding? As the date grows nearer this is the only cloud on Anna’s horizon.

At last Jolene turns up, but is something wrong? She is quiet and distant and her fiancé is not with her. Swept up with her own wedding Anna does not ask and while on her honeymoon Jolene is left alone with Ryan.

Ryan is captivated by this amazing red headed woman but then he finds out her secret. Anger threatens to control him as his feelings for Jolene are growing stronger every day. When Anna returns she does Jolene a favor, but will it put her friend in danger and destroy any hope for her to find love?

Can Ryan save Jolene from her past and give her the future she deserves or will disaster befall this damaged beauty?

Beaten, Damaged & Saved by the Rancher is the second book in the Pioneer Mail Order Brides Agency Series.

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