Courage on the Oregon Trail: The Great Migration 2 Book Special Edition

Courage on the Oregon Trail: The Great Migration 2 Book Special Edition

Grace’s Courage and Winnie’s Courage 2 book Special Edition
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About the Book

The Oregon Trail offers hopes of fertile land, new beginnings, and for Grace Miller, the chance of being a reporter. Documenting her journey will prove she can write as well as the men who wouldn’t give her a chance.

Cowboy, Jake Burman, travels light and offers to help Grace make the journey. Soon they are friends, and Grace wonders if love might blossom.

On the trail, Grace sees life and death, joy, and despair. At Independence Rock, people carve their initials into the rocks as a permanent reminder of their journey. Grace sees the names of Winnie and John Carter carved in a heart. Just a short time later, she sees a grave for John. The thought of what happened to poor Winnie is often on her mind?

When fate leaves a young girl orphaned, Grace knows that she must care for the child. Will she have to throw away her hopes, dreams, and the chance of love? Find out in Grace’s Courage part one of this special two-book set.

Winnie – Dare she dream again?

It’s 1843, and the great migration has just begun. Childhood sweethearts Winnie and John leave their fears behind for a dream of a better future.

That dream is crushed when 19-year-old Winnie becomes an Oregon Trail, widow. Somehow, she keeps going, and with the help of friends, makes it to Oregon.

Still missing her husband dearly, she starts to build a new life. Working for the local merchant, she recognizes another damaged soul. Clay is marred by a birthmark that makes him shy and aloof, but he is a good man and gives Winnie hope when she needs it most.

When Winnie starts to fall for him, she has mixed emotions, feelings of betrayal, fear, and hope cloud her mind.
Once she had a dream, and it all went wrong, dare she dream again?

Find out in Winnie’s Courage a sweet historical western romance from Amazon Bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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