Charlotte’s Wedding

Charlotte’s Wedding

Charlotte’s world collapsed when she lost her beloved Matthew on the Oregon Trail. She must survive for her beloved daughter but can she keep her dreams alive?

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About the Book

Life on the trail and in the West is not easy for Charlotte and her daughter, Katie, but she is determined to keep her husband’s dreams of a better life alive.

Marlon lost his wife and months later, decided to take his young son, Clay, west to make a new life.
While on the Oregon Trail, he could not ignore newly widowed Charlotte’s determination to continue and he comes up with a plan that could help them both. A marriage of convenience. A partnership to look after each other until they are fully settled in Oregon. But will Charlotte agree?

After successfully building a house and beginning to farm the land, Charlotte realizes she has feelings for Marlon. When she broaches the subject with him it does not go well.

After a serious accident, true feelings are suddenly exposed, quietly, but were they heard?
Could Marlon ever love a woman like Charlotte, or is she just a handy worker to help him get on, until he’s settled enough to manage without her?
What’s worse, now she’s told him how she feels, will he use it against her?

Find out in Indiana Wake’s new, sweet, clean, inspirational western romance Charlotte’s Marriage.

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