Carrie’s Trust

Carrie’s Trust

Carrie Easter had traveled the Oregon Trail to serve as a Doctor alongside her brother, Joseph. The small surgery would be perfect for the two of them. However, Bart Thornhill, the local land owner and entrepreneur has other ideas about who should be looking after the people in the small, new, town.

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About the Book

Daniel Macey, traveled the Oregon Trail with Joseph the previous year. He listened to Joseph’s stories and descriptions of his sister, Carrie, and was eager to meet her. However, at first sight, his heart gave into her beauty and courage and he fell instantly in love.

Then, out of the blue, tragedy strikes, and Carrie has no reason to go on. The only man that can help her, is the one that has no trust in her.

Will Carrie stay and struggle on or run away and start again?

Will Daniel tell her his feelings or show her his doubts in her ability as a Doctor?

Find out in Indiana Wake’s new, sweet, inspirational western romance.

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