Carolyn – The Orphaned Bride

Carolyn – The Orphaned Bride
Series: From Brave Nurses to Courageous Brides, Book 1
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

After years of serving as nurses during the civil war, Carolyn, Margaret, and Leticia are left with their lives and little else. Now, they take the perilous journey west in the hope of a brighter future.

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About the Book

As an orphan, Carolyn Darby finds herself alone with no way to support herself when the war ends. When fellow nurse Margaret heads west as a mail order bride, Carolyn and their friend Leticia decide to join her. Only, the marriage was a sham and they are left in danger.

Carolyn and her friends are miserable and forced to work in the saloon. Caroline can’t stand fending off lewd remarks and handsy patrons every night but doesn’t know how to escape. One fateful encounter causes her to see a little bit of light, could there be hope?

Pastor Sherman Johnstone wasn’t always pious. He was a roughneck in his early life, his experience proves useful when he comes across a beautiful woman being accosted by disgraceful men.

Carolyn is intrigued and attracted to her savior but she sees no way out of her current predicament. She feels the walls closing in and knows there is little time left to keep those she loves safe.

Can Sherman help Carolyn and her friends? Will she sacrifice her happiness for those she cares for?

Will Carolyn and Sherman find the strength and courage to fight the brutes who stand in the way of their happiness?

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